What textiles will we discover on our next journey?

We are an ethical fashion brand.

Made in Italy with the world.

We are friends of artisans. Our creations are the result of collaboration between weavers from different countries around the world and two Italian master leather craftsmen.

In the countries we live in, we look for the most beautiful, traditional handwoven fabrics. We build bonds with the artisans, supporting them through fair wages without intermediaries.

In Italy, our master leather craftsmen combine the artisanal fabrics with the highest quality raw materials, bringing our creations to life.

Made in Italy with the world, each creation carries the symbols and the beauty of the encounter of fascinating traditions.

Choosing slow-fashion makes the difference.

When choosing one of our creations, you know it is a unique, hand-crafted and a high-quality numbered piece. You know it comes from a small production of excellence and that it is long-lasting.

As our business intends to perpetuate craft traditions, buying our creations also contributes to protecting local know-how: the art of weaving and the art of leatherwork.

Our creations are also environment friendly as we use only surplus leather already in stock and design our creations accordingly, with natural and often re-used textiles ♻️.

Little, slowly, but with excellence and value.


to discover textiles


Meeting with local weavers who preserve

unique traditional know-how


Friendship and collaboration,

learning about new traditions


Once in Italy, our master leather craftsmen bring

our creations to life


Our creations from these fascinating encounters are

now ready to be shared with you!

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