About Us

Who is Eleonora Rocca

Eleonora Fornai & Chantal Rocca

Born in Bergamo in 1985 and best friends from childhood, we have always been united by curiosity and a passion for creativity. Energetic and adventurer women, we dreamed of creating a start-up with a female footprint in the field of ethical fashion in Italy. Passionate about traditions and artisanal know-how, we have created three collections to make local art from hidden villages around the world accessible to all.

In the Eleonora Rocca logo there are two very colorful birds that characterize us well. It is the Merops Apiaster, a migratory bird that flies to southern Europe, Africa and Asia. The perched bird represents our home, the base, Italy, the return. The flying bird with a thread of fabric in its beak represents the journey to discover fabrics, the connection between continents, migration. Both are the symbol of the bond that unites us, albeit distant.

"Each piece is unique and numbered, 100% handmade with patience and love, from the weaving in the village to the manufacturing by our master leather workers"

Eleonora e Chantal, founders

Eleonora Fornai

I graduated in International Cooperation and I work in the development cooperation sector as a Programme Manager. I live in Syria, Lebanon, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Algeria and Japan. I take care of design, textile sourcing, collaboration with local weavers, sales as well as management.

Eleonora Fornai

Co-founder & Creative Director

Chantal Rocca

I graduated in Pharmacy and I dedicate myself to scientific journalism working at the ANSA news agency and at a medical web TV. I follow training courses for start-ups at the EAE Business School in Barcelona and the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce. I follow-up the manufacturing process in Italy, I take care of the stock and delivery management as well as relation with shops and platforms.

Chantal Rocca

Co-founder & Manufacturing Director


Made in Italy...

Italian leather goods are one of the greatest expressions of the Italian artisanal tradition and undoubtedly a guarantee of quality.

We collaborate with a professional workshop based in our hometown Bergamo (Italy), drawing on the deeply rooted sartorial tradition of the region. Here it is still possible to observe the master craftsmen at work by hand. All Eleonora Rocca creations are handmade by these artisans who work in an artisanal way with the typical tools of the leather maker’s trade – hammers, scissors, pincers, rulers, brushes and dyes – all in the superficial disorder that is the order of the artisan.

Our creations are also environment friendly as we use only surplus leather already in stock and design our creations accordingly, with natural and often reused textiles ♻️.


...with the world

The world we would like is a reality that respects and values ​​cultural diversity by drawing something positive, original and beautiful from the encounter. In our small way we fight against the impersonal power of globalization and the fear of different realities. We discover and enhance the artisan heritages from all over the world. The project aspires to play on the beauty and elegance of the encounter between artisans of different origins. We support local traditions in order to recognized and appreciated internationally

We believe in the principles of slow fashion, the sustainable production movement that respects people, the environment, and animals. We believe that excellence comes from the quality of raw materials and the fair remuneration of the artisans we work with without intermediaries. We believe that weaving and leather crafting are real forms of art.