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What textiles are we going to discover on our next journey?

We are an ethical fashion brand.

Made in Italy with the world.

Each of our creation bear from the collaboration between weavers from different countries in the world and two Italian master leather craftsmen. Precious handwoven fabrics & exclusive leatherwork from Italy, drawing upon textile and sartorial heritages.

We go in person to faraway and hidden places in the world to discover textiles and cultures. We build bonds (which last over time) with the artisans supporting them through fair wages without intermediaries. For some collections, we also re-use the most beautiful and well-preserved ancien woven textiles.

In Italy our master leather craftsmen combine them with the highest quality raw materials, bringing our creations to life. We use only surplus leather already in stock and design our creations accordingly  ♻️

Each creation carries a bit of mystery and adventure as well as all the wise of mixed traditional know-how: the result of a balanced international collaboration.

These techniques have been handed down from generation to generation…

Choosing slow-fashion makes the difference.

We enhance small productions of excellence, the quality of creations handmade following traditional methods with authentic passion and technique.

Our model intends to perpetuate craft traditions, contributing thus to protect local know-how: the art of weaving and the art of leatherwork.

We invest in a more human world, enhancing the cultural exchange between artisans from all over the world. All of our products are designed specifically to allow the mastery of each artisan show through.

Little, slowly, but with excellence and value.


to discover textiles


Meeting with local weavers who preserve unique traditional know-how


Friendship and collaboration, experiencing
local cultures


Once in Italy our master leather craftsmen bring our creations to life, using only high quality surplus leather in stock


Our creation is ready to share with you the inherent beauty and uniqueness of each encounter! 

Pezzi unici, una volta venduti non sarà più possibile replicarli, dato il lungo e oneroso processo di produzione.